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Whats Always in My Fridge & Pantry?

I was recently asked this question because of my switch to eating a more plant-based diet (not fully plant-based). I know, like a lot you trying to adopt “clean eating”, I find it ridiculously hard to expand my palette and to open my stomach to new foods. Its even a little difficult for me to accept new ways of preparing my favorites. So, the best way I could think of to remedy this, without completely giving up my new diet was, in a nutshell, to start by just stocking the clean foods that I’ve always loved. Sounds more simple than it is. Over time, this has made it easier to branch out to new foods, especially as I began playing with recipes that forced me to couple those favorites with new additions. Keeping stable items, rather than immediately adopting new ones (that eventually go bad because I do not touch them), has ignited my love for foods like mushrooms, kiwis, whole pineapples, almond milk, and tomatoes. I hope this idea does the same for you guys.

So, ask and you shall receive… Keep in mind, some fruits/veggies will be based on their seasonal availability, I am including my non plant-based stables, and I’m probably going to forget some things:

Black and green tea, lettuce (iceberg and romaine), cinnamon, cucumbers, whole pineapples, wheat bread, lemons, tons of water, portobello mushrooms, brown rice, apples, peppers (a variety of hot and sweet), tomatoes, watermelon, red and sweet onions, oranges, bananas, strawberries, corn…

Curious to know… what are some stables in your fridge and pantry?

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Chocolate Almond Milk | Minimalist Baker Recipes

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"Note to self: always aim to be a better me ‘today’ than I was ‘yesterday’."


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How to Compost // Pretty Handy Girl
Here is a super cute guide on how to compost your leftover scraps and turn it into something you can actually use. Compost for your plants.